A sepia-toned tale of long distance love and hand written letters, See You Soon is a physical performance piece devised in collaboration with Thomas Leabhart. Through a combination of Corporeal mime and vaudevillian sensibilities, the piece draws upon the rich and diverse lineage of mime and gesture theatre to present a personal, original take on the age-old themes of long distance love.

See You Soon began as part of my undergraduate Senior Thesis. In its earliest stages, it was an experiment in devised work, an attempt to develop a complete movement score without giving any focus on narrative, character, theme, or design. Once this score was more-or-less fully fleshed-out, I then attempted to work "backwards," letting ideas and associates filter into the structure. At some point, the results of this experiment took on a life of their own, and See You Soon came into focus.

The piece features the music of Glenn Miller and The Army Force Band and text collaged from anonymous love letters collected by Cynthia Gray for an ongoing, nameless love letter project. 

See You Soon, which premiered at Pomona College in April of 2011, has since been featured at festivals and in venues in Puerto Rico, London, Kyoto, Singapore, San Diego and Los Angeles.