Cozy Zone

Last month I had the distinct honor and absolute pleasure of sitting down with Ben Weber for his Podcast, Cozy Zone, in which we spoke at length about life, laughter, art, and (to earnestly misquote Ben) how to be happy in this miserable city. We also ate soup and parmesan toast and played Magic: The Gathering with our childhood shoeboxes of cards while listening to the complete Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. In other words, a most excellent time. You can listen to the whole episode below:

Also, be sure to check out all of Ben's other interviews at his website. He's a real gem.

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All We Have Left at La MaMa

For one night only, All We Have Left will be showing its latest work-in-progress at La MaMa, as part of the 2015 La MaMa Puppet Series. It's been such a joy to get the gang back together again (and welcome in a few new faces) as we remount all we worked on up at the O'Neill. This one is something real special, I think. Tickets are already sold-out, but I hear they're going to squeeze in a few people who show up early, day-of-show. More info is available here. Hope to see you there! 

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Sox News on Getting Felt Up

Our friend Nate Begle, one of the talented puppeteers who we worked with on Sox News, also co-hosts a super cool podcast called Getting Felt Up! all about contemporary puppetry and the people who make and do it. With Sox News now officially made public and our currently little run through the festival circuit, Nate invited me, fellow co-creator Christina Hurtado-Pierson, and the very funny Frank Conniff onto his show to talk more about the project. It was such a treat. Many thanks for the invitation! You can tune in to our episode by clicking here!



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Ending HIV & AIDS: What Are We Waiting For?

I am so pleased to share a new PSA that Martian Entertainment created in partnership with GLAAD and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Ending HIV & AIDS: What Are We Waiting For?, which I directed and co-wrote, had it's national broadcast premiere this past Tuesday. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work on this project and I'm quite proud of the final product. I hope you enjoy.

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Echo In Camera in Wroclaw

Greetings from Wroclaw, Poland, where Echo In Camera is performing at the 2015 DIALOG Festival. It's been a whirlwind trip, with sold-out houses, beautiful weather, and great pierogis. Such a treat to be in so theatrically rich a city and community. Above, you'll find a short video produced by the festival about the season's offerings. Echo in Camera gets a section that begins around 2:16.

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Sox News Takes Manhattan

Back from our first screenings at ITVFest (and an award for Best Writing!), Sox News is set to have its New York City premiere at 2015's NYTVF. We're all so exciting to watch our hard work on a big screen with all our friends — and alongside some very impressive fellow pilots. It has been such a treat this Fall to get to share Sox News with folks. If you're around, please come out to the screening! More info is available here.

Also, to commemorate just how far we've come, we put together a behind-the-scenes clip from one our first screen tests. What Trump-adjace hair Griffin was sporting back then!

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Sox News Wins at ITVFest!

So thrilled to share the news that Sox News took home the award for Best Writing at the 2015 ITVFest. I was stuck in New York during the festival, working on a soon-to-be-announced project, but a team of highly talented, very attractive co-creators came out to support the show in full force. Way to go team!!

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Breaking News!

I am so pleased to announce the upcoming premiere of Sox News, an independently produced television pilot I co-created. I was lucky enough to be with this project from the very beginning — and ultimately served as its director, puppet designer/builder, a writer, and an actor as Wooly, one of the main characters. I couldn't be much prouder of the final product and I feel so fortunate to have made so many friends through the process. Everyone who joined in along the way brought such skill, expertise, and good humor to the show.

I'm also thrilled to announce that Sox News has been accepted as an official entrant at both the ITVFest - Independent Television Festival and New York Television Festival. If you're in Vermont or New York, please stay tuned for more information as we start publicly screening the show. In the meantime, please check out the website:, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter: @SoxNewsNetwork. And check out the trailer, below!

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Iceman Bill Cometh

Just got back from a fantastic workshop for a new show, All We Have Left, written by Elizabeth Hara and directed by Spencer Lott. We were up at the O'Neill Theatre Center, in Waterford, CT, for the first ever Henson Residency — offered specifically to new works of theatre that feature puppetry. It was an absolute pleasure and real honor to get to work with Liz and Spencer, as well as all the other talented folks brought in to act, devise, build, score, light, and otherwise help create the show. This one's something special, I think, and I'm thrilled that we're going to get together again in November to share the workshopped show at La MaMa (Click Here for more info).

Below, I've posted just a few pictures from the O'Neill performances. Many thanks to A. Vincent Scarano for the photos.

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Wild Things, Piper Week 4

For the final week with Piper, my puppet people teamed up with another group of 7-11 year olds to devise an original show. We started with a seed from Where The Wild Things Are, but the show quickly took on new directions, offered by the kids, resulting in a show that was just as much Xanadu as Sendak — After a group of lazy, misbehaving advertising agency employees blow a pitch to their new client, Lean Cuisine (executives Robert Lean and George Cuisine pictured above), they are turned into Wild Things and told that the only way to lift the curse is by learning good manners! Six goddesses of healthy living soon enter the picture and do the best to help these Wild Things learn their Pleases and Thank Yous!

Unlike the previous weeks, where we began with a particular type of puppetry and built a show around whatever characters we created within the form, this week I wanted to give the campers the experience of working the opposite direction — developing a show and then building things around it. Wings were cut from cardboard! Puppets made from lean-cuisine boxes, and masks designed for individual Wild Things! It was a real treat to share with parents and friends at the end of the week: an entire show that came from the kids.


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Wayang Kulit-Inspired Shadow Puppets, Piper Week 3

For our Piper Theatre third session, we explored shadow puppetry, guided and filtered through Balinese Wayang Kulit. I've had the pleasure of sharing Wayang Kulit in a variety of settings since returning from Bali, but this was the longest, most elaborate workshop I've put together for the form. We practiced with my Wayang, created our own Wayang puppets based on templates, then built our own puppets from scratch and put together a little show. It was a big hit!

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Table-Top Puppets, Piper Week 1

Just wrapped up the first workshop with Piper Theatre. We're exploring a different form of puppetry each week. First up — Table Top puppetry. Campers started with a simple skeleton made from materials they could find on their own, then build outward, adding body, facial features, costumes, and color as they went. At the end of the week, we put our heads together to come up with a fairy tail featuring all the puppets. It was great!

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Piper Puppets

I'm pleased to share that I've joined up with Piper Theatre to lead their first ever summer of Puppetry Workshops for 2-5 graders (7-11 year olds).  This is a brand new program and I'm looking forward to creating some fun and unexpected curricula. Sign up here!

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Working on Blossom

I had the distinct pleasure of working with some very talented, incredibly lovely people on Blossom, a new work-in-development by Spencer Lott. Thanks to a PATCH residency, we moved into the Henson Carriage House on Monday, worked long hours throughout the week, and had a nice little something to show for it by Friday evening. Keep an eye out for future stagings of this show, it's really something!

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One Night Premieres

Check it out! "One Night," the music video I made for my friend Ian Coss, premiered earlier this morning on The Artery, NPR Boston's arts website, alongside a great article about Ian and his new album, An Act of Imagination. (Google it! On sale now...) I hope you enjoy!

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Wayang Kulit Lecture-Demo

Feeling like I should be calling this Wayang Week— this Tuesday (tomorrow), I'm going back to Barnard for another lecture-demo on Balinese Wayang Kulit. Last year's class was tons of fun and I'm thrilled to be coming back! We'll be covering the basic fundamentals of Balinese theatre and Wayang Kulit before working on performance techniques.

The workshop runs from 11:40 - 12:55 in the Black Box beneath the Diana Center (LL220). It's free and open to the public— plus I'm bring about 40 puppets so everyone will get a chance to try one or two out.

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Putting Together One Night

On the bus right now, heading back down from Boston, where I spent the weekend putting together a music video for "One Night," a song off the multi-talented Ian Coss's new album, An Act Of Imagination. This guy made his premiere in the video. He's a demon of bad thoughts and boredom, carved and constructed in the traditional Bali style (with a few new inventions thrown in) and getting ready to chow down on our puppet protagonist and his precocious appliances...

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Turning The Glass Around

Turning The Glass Around, a new play written by Pia Wilson and directed by Heidi Grumelot that I had the good fortune of performing in, just got a lovely write-up in The Huffington Post. We closed our three week run last weekend. Thanks again to all who came out!

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What To Tell The Kids

This isn't exactly my news, but some dear friends and former teachers in Prague are making an intelligent, critical, and creative film about preserving and sharing first hand experiences of The Velvet Revolution for a new generation. They've been doing some fundraising on Hithit— the Czech Kickstarter— and could use a little bit of help. If you're at all curious, please check out their page! They've posted a beautiful example of the work in a short video at the top of the page.…/jak-to-rict-detem-what-to-tell-the…

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