Tole To! Wayang Aneh


We just premiered Tole To! Wayang Aneh (Look! Strange Puppets), our newest show, here at Bulfest. It was a big step forward for The Brothers Campur. The show was massive, emotional, exciting, and challenging - with 24 people speaking four languages - a true collaborative effort. (A Brothers Campur Plus show, as we joked.) It was epic, and not without some debate here in Buleleng. People were calling in on the radio to weigh in on whether a foreigner could be a Dalang - will they speak English? Balinese? Bahasa Kawi? I get it - It's strange! And even though I worked everyday on my performance chops, it might not have been enough - at least for some. I'm a much better puppeteer than when I first performed at the Bali Arts Festival in 2012, but a Dalang is much more than a puppeteer, just as this show is more than a traditional wayang kulit performance. What's old in America is modern here, and what's old here is modern back home, so the saying goes, and so our show has a little bit of a lot of things. Electric guitar accompanied traditional gamelan. Actors interrupted puppeteers, dalang swapped out mid-show, and a giant screen unfurled at the end for an epic final fight scene. We did it all and I’m just so grateful to all who helped make it happen.

Until next time, my brothers!

Here’s a cool news feature we received about the show:

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