Blossom at Dixon Place

Blossom closed yesterday after a sold-out run. Fingers crossed this is only the beginning for this show. Many thanks to all who came out!

Here are some of my favorite reviews we received: 

NYTimes: "This ambitious production — directed by Mr. Lott, who also designed the puppets — does many things well, foremost the puppetry: When the residents at Garden Ridge doze off, you can see them gently breathing."

Village Voice: "In these lovely, aching scenes (which incorporate miniatures, shadows, and, in one case, outsize topiary), Lott and his cast of five actor-puppeteers not only make us empathize with the inanimate but also remind us of the rich inner life still possible for those in mental decline."

Exeunt Magazine: "Lott tackles a difficult subject with this project, one that despite its ubiquity in real life, is often clumsily or condescendingly handled in art. Blossom, however, never deprives its central character of individuality, even as the universality of age and loss is also apparent. There is a gentleness that imbues the entirety of this production to which this style of puppetry is especially suited. The closing scene’s bare simplicity is beautiful, profound, and moving."

Samuel GoldComment