It Came From Gowanus...

In our second session with 6 - 11 year olds at Piper Theater, we devised an original show titled: It Came From Gowanus... (36th Annual Scientific Symposium). This session, we began by exploring a variety of puppetry styles while training ourselves in the art of scientific observations and theories in preparation for a field trip to the Gowanus Canal. At the canal, we found (no joke) a sunken boat; the half-sunken, skeletal remain of a geodesic dome; a treasure chest that looked like a car battery — floating on a raft; small minnows; a flat-headed fish that may have been a turtle; and one participant even claimed to have seen a note that said, "Help!" shortly before it sunk below.

Following our discoveries, we dreamt up creatures that might have mutated (re: evolved) to survive in this mysterious landscape and then built puppets out of recycled materials to bring these creatures to life. With all these creatures and materials and ideas under our belts, we set out devising short plays to help provide answers to some of our most mysterious observations. By the time parents arrived on our final day, we had an entire scientific symposium to present, performing our stories, introducing our creatures, and fielding questions for the audience. The kids hit it out of the park!

Samuel GoldComment