Iceman Bill Cometh

Just got back from a fantastic workshop for a new show, All We Have Left, written by Elizabeth Hara and directed by Spencer Lott. We were up at the O'Neill Theatre Center, in Waterford, CT, for the first ever Henson Residency — offered specifically to new works of theatre that feature puppetry. It was an absolute pleasure and real honor to get to work with Liz and Spencer, as well as all the other talented folks brought in to act, devise, build, score, light, and otherwise help create the show. This one's something special, I think, and I'm thrilled that we're going to get together again in November to share the workshopped show at La MaMa (Click Here for more info).

Below, I've posted just a few pictures from the O'Neill performances. Many thanks to A. Vincent Scarano for the photos.

Samuel GoldComment