Wild Things, Piper Week 4

For the final week with Piper, my puppet people teamed up with another group of 7-11 year olds to devise an original show. We started with a seed from Where The Wild Things Are, but the show quickly took on new directions, offered by the kids, resulting in a show that was just as much Xanadu as Sendak — After a group of lazy, misbehaving advertising agency employees blow a pitch to their new client, Lean Cuisine (executives Robert Lean and George Cuisine pictured above), they are turned into Wild Things and told that the only way to lift the curse is by learning good manners! Six goddesses of healthy living soon enter the picture and do the best to help these Wild Things learn their Pleases and Thank Yous!

Unlike the previous weeks, where we began with a particular type of puppetry and built a show around whatever characters we created within the form, this week I wanted to give the campers the experience of working the opposite direction — developing a show and then building things around it. Wings were cut from cardboard! Puppets made from lean-cuisine boxes, and masks designed for individual Wild Things! It was a real treat to share with parents and friends at the end of the week: an entire show that came from the kids.


Samuel GoldComment