Re-Examining Stäbetanz

I'm excited to share an article I wrote about Oskar Schlemmer's Stäbetanz (Pole Dance in English), which was recently published in Bauhaus Magazine.

The Bauhaus-- and, in particular, Oskar Schlemmer's theatrical projects undertaken within the Bauhaus-- have fascinated and inspired me for quite some time. Recently, I was excited to discover a recording of Margaret Hasting’s 1968 film, “Man and Mask: Oskar Schlemmer and the Bauhaus Stage,” uploaded to youtube, affording me my first opportunity to actually view performances of many of Schlemmer's lesser known dances. I'll stop there, as it's all covered in the article, but I mention the video here because it's not linked to in the magazine and it's really worth viewing. I've posted it below.


Samuel GoldComment