Some Summer Shakespeare


Last weekend saw the final two performances of HYPERBOLE: Bard, a wonky, somewhat high concept piece of Shakespeare themed street theatre, brought to you by the fantastic Rogue Artist Ensemble. The show featured a gang of silent performers who stumble upon a bunch of (possibly haunted) masks and props in a stack of old suitcases. A curious bunch, they soon discover that, by putting on a mask, they can transform in hyperbolic versions of Shakespearean characters, actors, and tropes, leading to a mishmash of scenes that celebrate all things Bard.

We took great advantage of the summer weather in Los Angeles, performing our show all over the city in parks, outdoor theaters, and, for two weeks, in residency along the shore at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica. Below, I've posted a few pictures from the show, all taken from the Rogue's website or Facebook page.



Be sure to check out the Rogue's all new production of Pinocchio (for Adults!), premiering this Fall at the Atwater Village Theatre. I was lucky enough to be involved in their workshop of the show last winer and I can say, first hand, that it's really great! 

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