Snowfall in Watermill

Roman, Sam, Puppets.jpg

 I’m in residency with Roman Paska at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center. We’re developing a new work of puppetry,  Echo in Camera. This show is shaping up to be the start of another real adventure. It features five hand-crafted, remarkably lifelike puppets that Roman and I each perform individually throughout the play. It's been a real treat to develop the show at the Watermill Center. As you can see in the pictures, we've been working in the main hall, framed and watched over by three totems from Micronesia.

If you’re interested— and are living in New York or the surrounding area— please come out to the Watermill Center on Feb. 13th for our open rehearsal at 6 pm.

Also, we’ve been written up in the East and Southampton Press. You can check out the article here.

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