Hamlet's Last Act

March 30th marked the premiere of Hamlet’s Last Act, the first new piece of theatre featuring puppets that I’ve helmed since concluding my Watson. Commissioned for the a theatre conference called “Action, Scene, and Voice: 21st Century Dialogues with Edward Gordon Craig," the show featured Edward Gordon Craig’s designs for Hamlet filtered into the traditional forms and structure of Balinese Wayang Kulit. I’m going to post a longer write-up about what all that means, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few short clips from the show.

Performance credits—

Main Puppeteer — Samuel Gold
Assistant Puppeteers — Noélie Morizot, Ian Gallogly
Music Leader — I Nyoman Wenten

Additional Musicians — Hirotaka Inuzuka, Joti Rockwell, Bill Alves

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