"Echo in Camera is not only a highlight of La Mama’s puppet series, but also of all Off-Broadway theater. Such subtlety, care and precision are rarely found, and the result is enchanting."— Sarah Lucie,  Showbusiness Weekly

Echo in Camera is a new piece of theatre created by the writer, director, filmmaker, and puppeteer, Roman Paska.

The show explores the relationships between hearing, understanding and identity in a “little mental drama” that recasts the Orpheus legend as the journey of a divided puppet protagonist through the netherworld of his own imagination to retrieve a missing other.

In addition to performing in the Echo In Camera, I had the privilege of assisting in the development of the piecejoining Roman Paska for an artistic residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center and a PATCH program residency at the Henson Carriage House.

Echo in Camera premiered in New York, at La MaMa, in November, 2013. In June of 2014, it played in Paris, at the Palais de Tokyo. In October of 2015, it played at the DIALOG Festival, in Wroclaw, Poland.

"The finely wrought, jointed puppets are capable of great expression with their limbs and appear all the more human for the gentle attention they receive fromtheir three handlers, who rock them tenderly when they fly them from one table to another."— Molly Grogan,  Exeunt Magazine.

"The three puppeteers, Roman Paska, Sam Gold and Gabriel Hermand-Priquet, are masters of their craft... If you are pulled out of the mesmerizing story at all, it is only to marvel at the impressive skill the performers display. "— Sarah Lucie,  Showbusiness Weekly