Things I'm Thinking About (9/13)

There are so many things going on in Prague and in my head that nothing seems to come out right on paper (physical or digital). But it’s been a while and I wanted to say hi. So while I continue to work on 8 things at once, here’s a list of things I’m currently thinking about (in no particular order)…

  • Golems, Robots, Newts
  • The Natural Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air)
  • Free Time and Structure
  • Empathy Conduits
  • The Circus
  • Hardship, Suffering, and Generosity
  • Mime and Me

There’s also an origins story for my marionette to post (soon) and a brief recap of performing puppets for children in castles (soon to soonish).

Also here are a few pictures!

                    A rainbow in Prague.

               Not sure if I was technically allowed to take this picture, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

                First introductions for new best friends.

Right. So— apologies for the all-over-the-placeness of this post. Until soon!


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