Stutter Step, Touch Your Toes

Hello from Kyoto! Life’s been a real whirlwind these past few weeks, with the festival in Puerto Rico followed by a quick final return to London before departing for Japan. The frequent but staggered shift in time zones, including a 23.5 hour layover in Dubai, has left me with a odd bout of 時差ぼけ (jet-lag)— but really, is there any better time to start a blog post than at 4:30 in the morning? 日を掴んで下さい !

Although I’m now thirteen time zones away, I’d like to recap Puerto Rico as best I can—


The festival was such a treat. Ivan— from whose head we’re all sprouting in this poster— put together a great week of events, including lectures, workshops, and the show, itself. All told it made for a busy bunch of days, but fortunately they were chock full of talented colleagues, enthusiastic students, responsive audience members, and gorgeous weather. And in what little free time we had, Ivan— with the help of his friends and students— played excellent host, taking us around the island and to delicious local hangouts. I can’t think of a better way to have spent my time. If you’ve only got 8 days in Puerto Rico, I highly recommend taking the physical theatre performance festival route.

I’m not going to write much more about the experience (at least for the time being), but I have put up a bunch of photos below. It was tough to arrange them in any order that satisfyingly narrated the experience, so I’ve sort of just thrown them up instead. Call it a testament to the colorful blur of the whole adventure…















All told, I couldn’t have asked for more— all I’d like now is an excuse to go back!

I’d like to express my biggest thanks to everyone who helped make the show possible including Jorge, Carlos, and of course Ivan; to all the students who gamely attended out workshops (and to the few who later gave us a final night worth remembering); and an especially big thanks to my fellow performers and friends. All your work and support were great sources of inspiration to me. I hope we all reunite sometime in the future.

Adios for now.

- Sam

**BONUS ROUND**          Check out this short piece the news did about the festival. Unfortunately (for my ego), they collected all the footage they needed before the show’s program reached my performance, but there’s already enough of me on this blog so it’s probably for the best. Enjoy the snapshots of Daiji, Guillaume, Solo, and of Ivan’s two very talented boys, Jan Luis and Eduardo Andrés.         **END OF BONUS ROUND**