PechaKucha Night

Last night I gave a mini lecture and performance in Kyoto as part of PechaKucha, an event that invited ten speakers to present twenty slides on a topic of their choice. Each speaker gets 6 minutes and 40 seconds (20 seconds per slide) so you’ve got to pick your information carefully or really cram it in! Unfortunately, the video of the event, which I originally embedded into this post, is causing all kinds of problems to browser's Flash plug-in. Rather than risk inflicting such annoyance on you, as well, I've gone ahead and taken the video down. You can, however, still view it by clicking here, or by clicking on any photos in this post. In the linked video, I kick off with my presentation at around the 3:40 mark. In it, I try to quickly debrief the audience on my Watson project and research before performing a small, modified extract from “See You Soon." It was a lot to show but somehow I made it through. I think it turned out pretty well!

More importantly I had a blast meeting and sharing with everyone there.  If you’ve got the time, definitely check out the rest of the video— and also the first half— in which you’ll find, among other things, presentations on Quantum Physics, West African Dance, Macro-Biotic Cooking, and even a soon-to-be released iPod App called “Toilet Panic."

Big thanks to Eric Luong for inviting me to present, to Haruna for translating the words of Jean-Louis Barrault into Japanese and also lending me a chair and rehearsal space, to everyone involved in organizing the event, and especially to all of those  who came out for a great night. I couldn’t believe how many people came to support their friends, have a few  beers, and (hopefully) learn a new thing or two. The house was packed and the atmosphere was fun and welcoming.

If there’s a PechaKucha event happening near you (and with events happening in over 450 cities across the world, odds are there might), I recommend you check it out! You can find more information about the wheres and whens around the world here.

Here are a few cool photographs the PechaKucha team took, too:

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