I’m leaving London tomorrow morning, thereby concluding the “Blogge" portion of the blog. I am flying to Puerto Rico to perform my solo mime show, “See You Soon," at the 9no Festival Internacional de Mimo y Teatro Físico en el Caribe. Since the entire show, save the bench, fits into the suitcase, I decided back in July to carry “See You Soon" with me during my Watson year. I’m so glad that I did, as little bits and pieces of my adventures in the Czech Republic and London have been slowly trying to wiggle their way into the show for months now. Thanks to my friends at Energinmotion, I was lent a steady rehearsal space throughout November to investigate how to best integrate these new sparks into the piece. Nothing looks drastically different— in fact, more often than not I wound up returning to the original material (if I can call it that?)— but the process was worthwhile and there are a few little things here and there that I think hope add to the overall cohesion and dramatic drive. So here’s to a good run, ya?

                        See You Soon Poster 2

(and to a neat second poster)