Figuren Barcelona

Double Post!

I’m afraid this blogge will be running in catch-up mode for a while because I’m not slowing down very much here in London, so I’m firing off the second round of the day.

I was simply taken by Barcelona. The weather was a beautiful 25 Celsius, perfect for picking an area and just getting lost— so that’s most of what we did in our free time. The city felt so alive to me, probably in part because every street seemed to be breathing out figurenkunst all around. These are some of the pictures I took before my battery died:








I didn’t get to Gaudí until around very end of my time— just as my camera started to die!— but I think it’s just as well because a Google search can remedy a lack of Gaudi photos far more easily than anything else I saw.

I managed to take just a few, though, and I wanted to share this one:


These sculptural reliefs are above what I understand will eventually be the front entrance to Basílica de la Sagrada Família. The sharp and concave aesthetic of the figures immediately reminded me of a Czech stop-motion animated film by Jiří Barta called, Krysař, or The Pied Piper of Hamelin. I was introduced to this film in Prague by my friends at PiP. In fact, two of the men who first taught me to carve my puppet worked on the film.

Here is the opening of the film:


What do you think?