All Vows is a memory play about the winding forces that drove my grandfather, Poppy, to America, and ways that my family has remembered, reshaped, and reinvented his story over the past 75 years. It’s an immigrant’s tale of identity and community constantly reshaped by forced displacement, and a ghost story about a man haunted by the specter of authoritarianism. 

The show features 5 wooden puppets, modeled after Poppy at various ages, performing non-verbal vignettes inspired by stories from Poppy’s life. These scenes are juxtaposed with video interviews of Poppy and other family members telling contradictory stories, as well a live actor playing a version of me, who speaks about the realization that everything I thought I knew about my grandfather is, at least in part, fiction.

All Vows in currently in development as part of Puppet Lab at St. Ann’s Warehouse. It’s first sharing will be held this May/June at St. Ann’s Labapalooza.