Tole To! Wayang Aneh is an original shadow puppet show, rooted in traditional Balinese wayang kulit, created by The Brothers Čampur in collaboration with Komunitas Sembroli. The show’s title roughly translates to “Look! Strange Puppets.” It is also a reference to the show’s titular character, Tole - the son of Tualen in the Buleleng region of Bali.

In Tole To!, a traditional wayang kulit show is performed in tandem by a Wester dalang interested in tradition and a young Balinese dalang interested in modernity. The two take turns telling the story of Tole, who helps his father and Bima find a disguised evil-doer, while also arguing with one another about how to best tell the story. As the show builds, the puppet technique, music, and theatricality all grow increasingly mixed - with electric guitar accompanying traditional gamelan, and the two dalang ultimately performing side-by-side to help defeat the Raksasa army.

Tole To! Wayang Aneh premiered in 2018 at Bulfest, the yearly arts, music, and theater festival in Singaraja, Bali.